Tobacco Docks - Caramel Bronze 25ML 0MG

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This premium combination is well balanced, natural in flavour and full of intricacy.

Enhanced with an extremely pleasant caramel note, ensuring that bronze provides a very unique experience with every pull.

25ML | 0MG 

70 VG // 30 PG

The Tobacco Dock is a Grade I listed warehouse in the Docklands area of the East End of London, United Kingdom.

It was constructed in approximately 1811 and served primarily as a store for imported tobacco.

Tobacco Docks are connoisseurs hoping to savour their experience of the finest tobacco tastes through vaping.

The result…

Three distinct tobacco blends designed for the most discerning palates.


Why 25ML Short Fills?

There are many reasons why we have started producing 25ml short fills. It’s simply impossible for your local vape shop to stock a good variety of big bottles of E-Liquid, due to expense and available space. Conveniently pocket size and easy to carry around, you’ll never be without your favourite juice. As a manufacturer, it’s our job to provide a broad choice for our consumers. Ultimately saving you money and preventing you from wasting liquid when you get bored of the same flavour! Why not spend the same money and have three or four flavours instead of one? 

Fed up with buying nicotine shots/boosters?

Our 25ML short fills utilise 30ML Chubby Gorilla bottles, meaning you will only need half a bottle of ProNic® to create a 3mg. However, you can fit a full 10ml 18mg Nic Shot inside to create a 6mg strength.


25’s for the win! #25SURVIVE


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