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Why “Prohibition Vapes”?

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of discussion about whether vaping should be treated the same as smoking, or even banned. In some cities in the US vaping has been banned in ALL public places, so the only place you can indulge yourself with your personal vapouriser is in a dedicated store. During an idle conversation we were talking about what would happen if vaping were banned in the UK, and someone said “it would be like prohibition was, with the vaping equivalent of speakeasies”. So when we decided to set up our own vaping lounge the name and theme was easy. So welcome to Prohibition Vapes.
Vaping coffee shops in Maidstone, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells Kent. 


Where we came from

Having run a very successful on-line e-cigarette company for some years aimed mainly at people who just wanted to stop smoking, we started to feel the need for something more, something to put the fun into vaping over and above a simple choice of battery size or liquid flavour.
We started to think about what we enjoyed the most with vaping, what we felt was missing with existing outlets and how to best help others on their vaping journey. After bouncing a few ideas around we kept coming back to the same thought – we wanted our own coffee shop / vaping lounge where people could come and enjoy themselves first and foremost, talk to others, relax over a coffee, learn more about vaping, and try & buy everything from starter kits to advanced mods, and a selection of the best imported juices available. So Prohibition Vapes was born.

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