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Posted on December 07 2017

Now, funny thing about me as a person, I’m absolutely obsessed with the colour purple...


Since the moment I had to chose a favourite colour, I decided, hell, purple’s gotta be the one. It’s the best combination of hues I can think of, it looks futuristic as hell and in the right tones, it’s the perfect colour for pretty much anything.
So naturally, I had to dedicate a month of my life to Purp.
If you know about hip hop culture around the last few years, you might have heard about this mythical drink, called Lean. We’ve got rappers named after it, we’ve got stories about it’s effects and such and needless to say, it’s purple tinge has left a mark on the scene, so much so Three 6 Mafia made a track all about it that introduced a lot of us to it.
Our Purp on the other hand, is all the fun parts of the grape, jolly rancher and “lemon and lime soda” mix we all know lean consists of, without the whole, it’s a drug thing. It’s the most different grape style vape you’ll have in months, years even. The touch of aniseed as well, is just the cherry on top. Man I love this stuff, makes you wanna lick your lips when you vape it!

Even the style of illustration, the glitched effects of the marketing, it’s all about a flavour that is meant to drive you a bit crazy with how addicted you’re bound to get to it, I’ve got friends that go through a bottle in half a week, if that’s not a statement enough, I don’t know what is. Cop you some, you won’t regret it… BRUH
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Staff Pick by Theo Kennedy-Cordner

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