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Posted on April 27 2016

The world of vaping is an extremely friendly place, everyone will help each other out, whether its building advice, juice recommendations or just lending your fellow vaper a bit of cotton so he can re wick.

It will come as no surprise then that the friendships spread all the way up the tree to Vape companies as well, no where is this more visible than the blossoming bromance between Prohibition Vapes Co. and Simple Vapes Co.

Two young and up and coming companies that are exciting the Vaping scene with their similar ideologies and styles linking up, like planets alining, to take the UK by storm!

When it came to kitting out both the flagship Maidstone store and the new Shoreditch branch of Prohibition Vapes Co. there was only one company to go to, the best, Simple Vapes Co.

From day one they have always supported us, and we have always backed them, and our styles marry together perfectly.

Traditional, no nonsense, Simple, old fashioned English, both in the lay out and look of our stores and the flavours and designs of Simple’s range. We both strive to give our vapers the best experience possible without any un needed fanciness or complicated techno jargon.

Check out the latest article in the influencer series on Simple’s website on the link below to see what we’re all about and what we stand for, then pop down to one of our stores to sample the entire Simple Vapes Co. range on one of our super comfy couches!

Here’s to the future and a long and fruitful friendship between Prohibition Vapes Co. and Simple Vapes Co.

Team Prohibition

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